MT Apartment

Formerly used as an office building, Apartment MT is redesigned as a family retreat in Frankfurt am Main Westend. 

The project comes from the idea of using the open floor plan to create a meeting point for the family of five. By connecting the living room and the kitchen built from natural stone and finished with a metal varnish, an expansive space opens up in the middle of the apartment. With an excellent view towards the garden, the parents can keep a watching brief over their kids or step out through one of the full-length windows. 

As there’s no real barrier between these areas, the master bedroom was designed to detach from daily life. An exclusive retreat tailored to the necessities and lifestyle of the family, including a walk-in closet and a luxurious bathroom, which is only accessible through the bedroom. A strong but soft color palette and rich materials like Calacatta marble, wood, and a special spatula technique set the mood for an exclusive yet timeless look used for the custom-made sink, shower base, mirror cabinets and the freestanding bathtub with a garden view. In contrast, the children’s bathrooms are designed with colorful accents. 

It was essential to achieve a distinct palette of materials and colors to differentiate the various functions of living areas.

Year: 2021 – …
Design: Architectural & furniture design
Designer: Douman Pour
Location: Frankfurt – Germany