GL House

With the rehabilitation of the city bungalow from the 1960s, we wanted to create a minimal living space filled with calmness and warmth, making it the perfect safe haven with a sense of tranquillity. We wanted to focus on the essentials with no room for distractions by using sharp lines covered in a warm palette of colours and materials.

For the master bathroom, we created a big floating vanity in a pale wood and white natural stone colour with a huge mirror cabinet above, which adds a certain elegance to the space. The same elegance flows through all the different rooms, for which we designed our own stucco wall elements in a tender beige wall plaster to add a layer of complexity to the very minimalist interior. The initial idea was all about creating dramaturgy with only a few design gestures.


Year: 2019,  project in progress
Design: Refurbishment & interior design
Designer: Douman Pour
Location: Offenbach – Germany
Photo:  Douman Pour