Living room view. Interior design project Imma A. apartment by POURNOIR in Berlin.

Imma A Apartment

In the heart of West Berlin, near Kurfürstendamm, the 135 apartment is a surprise for the client’s mother. 

With a strong focus on finish and texture as well as detail-oriented manufacturing, we created a luxurious yet cozy home with a tranquil energy to it. The soft round shapes and hues of the interiors are the soul of the apartment and have been consciously applied throughout the project, adding a more elegant and feminine touch. Pournoir has also been given special attention to working with natural materials like leather, wood, stone and clay plaster, which positively affects the indoor climate and a rare aesthetic to interior design. 

Connected with a sliding glass door between the dining area and the living room, the open floor plan creates an informal atmosphere with enough room for family gatherings. The centerpiece of the apartment is a sophisticated sculpture-like kitchen island from a complex double layer of handpicked natural stones with a matching kitchen sink and contrasting wood paneling, whereas the lights are incorporated in the double-lime plaster.

For this interior design project in Berlin, POURNOIR worked on the design and manufacturing of custom-made furniture pieces and accompanied the construction. 


Artwork by Volo Bevza


Year: 2022 – …
Design: Architectural & furniture design
Designer: Douman Pour
Location: Berlin – Germany