Living room Apartment T designed by Pournoir

T. Apartment

Built in 1911/12 by architect Albert Gessner, this classic country house in Grunewald in Berlin is under monumental protection. Within the historical context of the building, we developed the idea of a modern apartment designed for a young, art savvy couple. 

Due to regulations, we left the ceilings and floors in their natural state and introduced a powerful cold and warm palette of materials to connect the past and present. This was achieved through deliberately mixing strong, but conscious elements like brushed aluminum, glass, natural stone, and German walnut wood in order to maintain a modern dialogue to the heritage base of the house.

 At the same time, we paid particular attention to translate the various asymmetrical features of this unique building into our design approach and interior concept. The marble dining table is a shear in style reflecting the asymmetry of the kitchen doorway, the same applies to the customized full-length mirror next to the bathroom. 

Once entering the living room, the viewer faces the centerpiece of the T Apartment, the elaborated, custom-made 4 x 5 meter aluminum shelves. With its rounded corners, this fine piece of craftsmanship explores the idea of juxtaposing soft shapes and the use of hard materials.  

The custom-made bed frame from relief wood was designed as a tribute to the historical past of the building, while adding a modern touch with design classics such as an original Pierre Jeanneret chair. Throughout the country house, POURNOIR worked with a curation of contemporary artworks reflecting the zeitgeisty character of their owners. 

The T Apartment is characterized by a focus on strong aesthetic values, craftsmanship and an attentive choice of materials.

Artwork by

Robert Bosisio

Ronan Bouroullec

Arnela Trimmel

Year: 2021 – 2022
Design: Interior & furniture design
Designer: Douman Pour
Location: Berlin – Germany
Photo: Marco Vedana